23rd Investment Conference

27th September 2023 | by CM-Equity AG

In September 2023, we hosted our 23rd investment conference for our global investor base. Selected companies and speakers showcased the projects we invest in.

Risk warning: Investing is associated with risks up to and including total loss. Please carefully read our risk information on listed and unlisted companies.

Florian Grummes

Keynote: Rollercoaster

A view on our current macro situation. Interest rates, money printing, valuation, gold, and an updated view on bitcoin. 

View the video, to hear Florians own experience and view on what it takes to become a succesful trader. 


Resources | Mining | Exploration

In our view, many companies in the resource space are at an attractive historic valuation. 

Aftermath Silver

A Transformative Silver-Copper-Manganese Asset

Aftermath offers not only exposure to a major silver deposit, but also to base- and energy-metals at a far advanced stage. 

Avante Mining

Metals for the future

The rise of Alternative Energy means increased demand for Copper and Nickel. Avante is positioned for the Increasing Demand in Critical Elements.

Golden Tag

Essential metals for the low-carbon economy

Low-carbon transition fuels silver and zinc demand. In the state of Durango, Mexico, the company is active at an asset with Past Production and Large Resource Upside.


 Pinnacle Silver and Gold

Merger opportunity: New Americas Silver & Gold

Pinnacle Silver and Gold Corp. offers a district scale high-grade precious metals investment opportunity managed by an extraordinary team of experts in geology and metallurgy. 

ION Energy

Building a diversified global Lithium Portfolio

ION Energy is ready for the 3rd wave of the clean energy
revolution & the increased Lithium demand. They have the first lithium brince license ever issued in Mongolia. Exploration is already underway.

Aztec Minerals

Two Emerging Discoveries in North America

Porphyry Gold-Copper in Sonora, Mexico
Gold-Silver in Arizona, USA.


Quantum Brilliance

Room temperature quantum technology

Quantum Brilliance solves the problem of heat in quantum computing – using diamonds. A structural change in computing.


Tackling climate change, generating local jobs, and promoting sustainable businesses. These projects deliver self-funding impact, driving shared success for all stakeholders.


Believe in Better

Companies and consumers struggle to easily offset their lifestyles and operations as current solutions don´t offer an integrated solutions. Karbon-X enables people and companies to easily neutralize their carbon footprint with an all-in-one solution. Everything is shareable on social media. This way, users of their services can showcase their commitment and contribution to saving the plante. Karbon-X is affiliated with various influencers. 

The Warming Surfaces Company

Warmth. When & Where You Need It™

The energy efficiency renovation wave in Europe has started. Even there, warmth is (still) a matter of Health & Security. Halia® is digital warmth. Traditional heating uses the worst energy transmittor in a room: air. With this new technology, heating is in the middle of a structural change.

FinTech | Blockchain 


on-chain bonds

Debt capital markets lack accessibility and have inefficient issuance and settlement processes. Obligate creates efficient access to capital by connecting issuers and investors directly and in a regulated manner.


Skye Bioscience

Skye is the limit

Unlocking the pharmaceutical potential of the endocannabinoid system.
Skye has recently acquired a company which currently only competitor has been acquired for up to fifty-fold.

Tech | Entertainment

B1 SmartTV – Sportworld

The global number one sports platform.

One platform.
One stop watching.
One stop shopping.