Globalize Your Shareholder Base
with our Experience in Markets and Fundraising

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We support companies growth through our own and third party investments and act as capital markets partner for foreign listed companies. With more than 20 years of experience in capital markets, we know what to focus on to build valuations. Our clients are from North America, Australia, & Europe and are from various sectors such as Resources, Financial Services, and Carbon Trading.

European Capital Markets Partner

We make your Stock accessible for European Investors

  • Private Placements
  • Market Making & European Secondary Listing
  • Corporate Profiling

What our partners say about us


Lead Investor (Funding)

We invest our own money in early stage companies and support with our network
Fundraise with CM-Equity AG Family Office

Capital Markets (Fundraise)

We act as investment broker, mandated by capital seeking companies, and co-invest in these companies alongside our private and institutional investors

Modern & attractive bitcoin & digital finance products for your bank’s customers

Offer your customers a modern investment platform and complete your offer with crypto assets and digital investment strategies. We act as a regulated securities institute and licensed trading partner to enable you as a full-service provider with your own banking platform to remain competitive in the digital financial market world, based on our guiding principle: Customer loyalty instead of selling out.