Modern & attractive bitcoin & digital finance products for your bank’s customers

Offer your customers a modern investment platform and complete your offer with crypto assets and digital investment strategies. We act as a regulated securities institute and licensed trading partner to enable you as a full-service provider with your own banking platform to remain competitive in the digital financial market world, based on our guiding principle:

Customer loyalty instead of selling out.

How does it fit your bank’s strategy?

If you want to be in a position to offer your customers fully comprehensive advisory services, your employees need in-depth knowledge – in all the subject areas that your customers are asking for. This doesn’t mean that you should recommend your clients to put all their savings into crypto assets – but that you can serve customer demand and map a possibility of Bitcoin optimised diversification of customer portfolios.

Even if you are completely dismissive of bitcoin and crypto, it is important that this is based on a fundamentally informed opinion.

“With a $2tn+ market value and 200mn+ users, the digital asset universe is too large to ignore. We believe crypto-based digital assets could form an entirely new asset class.” – BofA Securities

Why Bitcoin?

The growth and spread of cryptocurrencies is similar to Internet in the 1990s – with at least equally strong demand: the number of crypto users has doubled to 200 million within four months (Source:, July 2021). Legislators have also reacted to the great demand: with a new license for custodial services and the legal classification of Bitcoin as a financial instrument, regulatory standards have already been created in Germany within which limits the digital capital market will continue to develop. Leading banks see great potential and have already established teams in the blockchain megatrend.

Customer Demand

Growth like the Internet

Mega Trend in the Financial World

Established Financial Instruments

It’s a matter of WHEN your customers ask,

not if – the digital generation is already there.

You should have at least one strategy, best one solution ready before the “Early Majority” and “Late Majority” come knocking on your door and then look for alternatives. Now it’s the turn of the early adopters – don’t miss the rush of your customers. When the majority of customers inquire, it’s too late.

“We believe it’s early, but not too early.” – Wells Fargo

“Crypto app installs saw incredible growth in 2021. While they’d been relatively consistent since their previous peak in Q4 2017, growth began in 2020 before really taking off in Q1 2021. From 2019 to 2020, crypto apps saw a 64% increase in downloads, before undergoing a whopping 401% increase in 2021 compared to 2020.”- Apptopia

Why have your own solution?

Have you decided to incorporate bitcoin and crypto into your strategy? There are different strategies ways of implementation.

These could not be more different in your overall strategy.

After extensive analysis of current implementations by pioneer banks, as well as discussions with banks and their advisors, we have come to the following guiding principle on which we base our actions:

Customer loyalty instead of selling out

In close cooperation with consultants and banks, we have developed an overall concept – including a turnkey white label solution in your design. This addresses your needs and puts them in the foreground:

– Offer your customers innovative and competitive solutions in a familiar environment.

– Thus you can keep your loyal customers without selling them to third parties

Your tradition is to be the reliable partner for finances – do you really want to write off this competence and strengthen others?

However, the important thing is: we help you retain your customers, increase customer loyalty and even build new revenue streams.

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