22nd Investment Conference
& 20th Anniversary Celebration

Last September, we hosted our 22nd investment conference for our global investor base. Selected companies and speakers showcased the big trends we invest in.

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Investor helping company to Europe

We support companies financially (own investments + fundraise) and use our financial licenses to act as European capital markets partner for listed companies and private corporations.

We provide Active Investors with the tools for financial independence and manage assets for selected clients, entrepreneurs, and families.

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Wichtiger Hinweis: Identitätsmissbrauch

CM-Equity AG ist Zeil von Identitätsbetrugs geworden Bitte beachten Sie, dass wir von Personen erfahren haben, welche sich als Mitarbeiter der CM-Equity AG ausgeben um falsche Darstellungen, schädliche Aussagen machen und/oder versuchen, unschuldige Verbraucher zur...

Important Notice: Identity Fraud

CM-Equity AG has become the target of an identity fraud Please note that we have learned of people pretending to be, and/or misleading people to believe being, and making false representations, disturbing and harmful statements and/or trying to defraud innocent...

CM-Equity partners with VR Bank Bayern Mitte

CM-Equity partners with VR Bank Bayern Mitte

CM-Equity partners with Volksbank Raiffeisenbank Bayern Mitte to offer their clients buying and selling Bitcoin with a self-custody walletMunich, 22 April 2022 CM-Equity is pleased to announce that it has successfully launched the pilot project of a white-label...

CM-Equity Interviews Anata Creators

CM-Equity Interviews Anata Creators

CM-Equity Interviews the Creators of Anata WorldAnata is a 3D Social Platform where interactions can take place between friends, colleagues and businesses together! Anata is powered by AYCode, registered in Munich – and the first investment by CM-Equity in Metaverse,...

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