Entering the Era of Crypto Investments & Digital Financings

Modern & attractive bitcoin & digital finance products for your bank’s customers

Offer your customers a modern investment platform and complete your offer with crypto assets and digital investment strategies. We act as a regulated securities institute and licensed trading partner to enable you as a full-service provider with your own banking platform to remain competitive in the digital financial market world, based on our guiding principle: Customer loyalty instead of selling out.

Your Partner for Financial Performance



  • Access to Private Placements of Public or Private Companies
  • Discretionary Portfolio Management with Active Equity & Bond Selection



Private Placements

Lead or co-investor | Selling Agent | High Track Record 

Going Public

We make your way to becoming a publicly-traded and owned business

Liquidity Services

High Liquidity | Attractive Spreads | Increased Trading Volumes | Attracting Investors

License Roof

For Service Providers and Sales Agents 

WpIG Licences for Tied Agents:

  • Investment Broking
  • Investment Advice
  • Placement Business


  • We take care of all administrative work
  • You have time to service your customers

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Member of the German Association of Independent Asset Managers.

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Partner of VBANK – Die Bank der Vermögensverwalter.

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