Macro Trends

22nd Investment Conference & 20th Anniversary Celebration

In September 2022, we hosted our 22nd investment conference for our global investor base. Selected companies and speakers showcased the big trends we invest in.

Risk warning: Investing is associated with risks up to and including total loss. Please carefully read our risk information on listed and unlisted companies.

Florian Grummes

4 keys to macro

How to understand the current macro set-up. How Inflation, Energy, Geopolitics, and China shape current happenings.


Quantum Brilliance

Structural change in computing

Solving the problem of heat in quantum computing with diamonds



Solving addiction with Bio-Pharma

How Bio-Pharma will change (again) how we think Medicine and Pharma or The Pharmaceutical Paradigm Shift: The Renaissance of Plant-Based Medicine


Tackling climate change, generating local jobs, and promoting sustainable businesses. These projects deliver self-funding impact, driving shared success for all stakeholders.

4life Solutions

How to impact 1 billion people with 100 million

Bringing safe drinking water to 1 million people in low-income communities.


Carbon – an exponential asset class

Restoring Nature and combatting Climate Change. How Earthbanc solves the crunch on supply.


Powering energy transition in Africa

Solar Investments for Africa – driving change sustainable by commercialization.


Big Trends and turning data into understandable pieces

Visual Capitalist

From Information overload to insights

On data storytelling by the global leader. The powerful intersection of: Data-driven, Storytelling, and Powerful visuals

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