World Water Day

An Interview 

This World Water Day, we interviewed Alexander von Welczeck, the CEO of SkyH2O, a California innovation company with German engineering heritage that provides world-class industrial-grade water generating systems and projects.

CM-Equity is focused on investing in sustainable ESG compliant initiatives and has been a stakeholder of SkyH2O since 2017. Our mission is to mobilize impact investments in mega trends to enable wealth creation globally.

Munich, 22 Mar. ’22

One thing we’ve been doing a lot more of, is washing our hands. Do you think the pandemic has brought more attention to the need for clean water supply?

Yes, I believe the pandemic has brought attention to all things cleanliness which is only possible with clean water supplies.


Do you think governments and organisations are doing enough towards fulfilling water demand?

No, unfortunately governments and organizations are not doing enough towards not only fulfilling water demand, but also planning  water Sustainability,  water Security and water Resiliency.


Can you tell us some industrial sectors that have a heavy use of pure water?

The biggest commercial and industrial users of fresh water include;

》 Fruit, Nut and Vegetable Farming

》 Textile and Garment Production

》 Meat Production

》 Beverage Industry

》 Machinery and Automotive Industries


How do you think the problem of transportability of water can be solved in the long term?

Modern water infrastructure should be designed to avoid long transportation of water. To do so, governments must include in water planning more

》 local water generation

》 capture rain water

》 reuse and recycling of water


How fast do you think will the emerging market for water grow in the next 3-5 years?

Products and Services supplying the water markets is becoming a fast growing industry. Water stress is rapidly evolving in many locations Worldwide, and is expected to affect over 50% by 2050 of the Global population.  As such, we are expected to see market growth of 200-300% over the next 3-5 years.


What do you think could be the solution of water stress in urban areas?

There are many urban areas around the World whose water challenges will not be solvable. But those that are will need a comprehensive solution that includes:

》 Reduce consumption

》 Develop new water sources

》 Recycle and reuse water


Can you explain the AWG technology for our readers?

SkyH2O is advancing and scaling Atmospheric Water Generation (“AWG”) so that it works effectively for larger commercial,  industrial and government applications. AWG generates fresh water from the air, enabling the supply of fresh water at most any location at most anytime.


What are your plans for scaling in the short term and in remote areas? 

SkyH2O does not have near-term plans to supply remote areas. SkyH2O focus is to provide Municipalities,  Industry and Commercial businesses with Water Sustainability,  Water Security, Water Resiliency and NetZeroWater.


How did you become aware of the water crisis in Lima (Peru) and Gaza (Palestine)?

There are many locations Worldwide that are experiencing dramatic water stress including Lima Peru and Gaza Palestine.

》In the case of Lima Peru the primary water stress issue is water toxicity caused by the mining industries and metals in the water.

》In the case of Gaza Palestine the primary water issue is water scarcity caused by the political divisions in the region.


Could you tell us more about WaterisLife?

WaterIsLife is an International non-profit organization that provides clean drinking water, sanitation and hygiene programs to the most needy Worldwide, including in the most remote villages.


Do you have any closing comments about the importance of solutions that your company provides in the bigger picture of climate change and ESG?

SkyH2O’s AWG is an important climate technology/solution that works in balance with nature, providing renewable water and the ultimate in water Sustainability.

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