Security Token Offerings (STOs) are THE Public Financings for Digital Times

Efficient | Standardized | 100% Secured | Transferable | Transparent

Why CM-Equity is your trusted partner?

CM-Equity is your licensed One-Stop Partner for your public STO. Hereby, we have teamed up with best-in-class Security Lawyers as well as leading Blockchain Technology & Crypto-Wallet Providers. Within a timeframe of  6-8 weeks you will be able to receive a regulator approved public STO-Prospectus that is marketable to retail as well as institutional investors from all EU-countries.

How we do it?

The Token subscription process as well as the following Token Generating Event will both be run in a seamless online procedure. The Token Generating Event is the distribution of the Token to the Investor’s Crypto-Wallets and the release of funds to your company account. With our standardized and 100 % transparent and secured process we will create a new market standards for a fraction of the cost and the time that is used for traditional financings.

Michael Kott | CEO and Founder

Marketplace - You want your stock/token being traded well in the secondary market?

High Liquidity | Attractive Spread | Increased Trading Volume | Attracting Investors 

Our Market Making Specialists improve the liquidity situation in your stock/token in the secondary market  and makes it attractive for investors to trade or give orders. The result is a an increased trading volume that will create awareness and attract further new investors to get engaged. We will also distribute your news releases to our global network of investors, make personal introductions and organise web-conferences for you.

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Michael Kott