” CM-Equity joins Bundesblock to promote digital infrastructure in Europe”

Munich, November 18, 2020 – As a new step forward in achieving CM-Equity’s vision, we are glad to announce the latest integration of the company into the Blockchain Bundesverband as a member. Officiated on 17 November, 2020, this membership will provide a platform for the company to use its extensive market experience in the blockchain industry and work with the government to lead the new era of digital innovation.

A key step ahead, this will initiate an exchange of knowledge between the government and the company, enhancing the uses and application of technology in the emerging digital infrastructure and ultimately result in a progressive, modern and integrated society.

Michael Kott on Terraoil digital financing

“We are happy to publicly announce, that we joined the Bundesblock. CM-Equity will support the foundation with its 18+ years of experience in business and as a pioneer in digital asset management.
We will give the Bundesblock one more loud and clear voice to achieve it’s vision: Blockchain and similar decentralized technologies based on cryptography are fundamental to digital infrastructure innovation.”

Michael Kott
CEO, CM-Equity


About CM-Equity:

CM-Equity is a Munich-based fully compliant investment firm, regulated by the German financial market authority- BaFin. In its 18 years of business, CM-Equity has positioned itself as a pioneer in digital asset management and has matured into a fully licensed digital asset platform for entrepreneurs, fintechs and investors in Europe. The company vision is to democratize the capital market and make it accessible to all. At CM-Equity, we believe in adapting with the constantly evolving economic landscape of the world, and growing together with our clients.

For more information: https://www.cm-equity.de/en


About Blockchain Bundesverband:

The German Blockchain Association (Bundesblock) was founded on the 29th of June 2017 by the blockchain community in Germany. The non-profit association quickly grew to over 100 members, including big corporations that integrate blockchain technology and leading blockchain startups based in Germany.

For more information: https://bundesblock.de/

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CM-Equity: pr@cm-equity.de

Blockchain Bundesverband e.V.: info@bundesblock.de