CM-Equity AG CEO Michael Kott was interviewed by Reinhold Böhmer of  Greenspotting

Munich, 05. May 2021

CM-Equity AG CEO Michael Kott was interviewed by Reinhold Böhmer of Greenspotting, where he answered many questions about the approach of private equity firms, his focus on ESG compliant companies, and how a cooperation can be built with these companies where both grow together in a unique business model.

On being asked what exactly is CM-Equity doing differently, Michael Kott responded that the company does not invest in projects and over-promising presentations, but rather in the people leading these projects. He says that if the leaders themselves are inspired and committed to their firm, their productivity will reflect this commitment, making the company trustworthy and successful.

Citing the examples of Canada based Li-Cycle and Africa-focused EWIA, Michael Kott pointed out that these companies focus on sustainable, regenerative energies that is going to be the topic of many discussions in the coming years. He told Mr. Böhmer that at present CM-Equity was involved with around 10 such companies covering a wide range of sectors from E-wallets in Indonesia to solar energy in Africa.

Finally, Michael Kott spoke about the blockchain technology and how it could be used to benefit the supply chain by eliminating middlemen and enabling fairer prices. By calling the world a “more honest” place with blockchain technology, Michael Kott showed good confidence on the blockchain’s ability to deliver clean and fair mass-access to business areas and to democratize all asset classes.

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About CM-Equity:

CM-Equity is a 19 year old, according to §15 WpIG regulated financial institution from Munich.

CM-Equity was early involved as a pioneer in the field of digital asset management. With a fully licensed, interfaced capital market infrastructure platform for digital assets for companies, FinTechs and investors, CM-Equity has advanced to become one of the most popular players in the market for digital assets in Germany and Europe. The company wants to make the new digital capital markets 4.0 accessible to everyone and offers innovative and regulatory-compliant access to the most liquid trading venues while at the same time offering the most secure storage.

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