Staying in the race.

Munich, 01 Apr. ’22

As I write these words the 36 Marathon des Sables is under way.

Marathon des Sables or MdS takes place in Morocco over 7 days and is a stage run where the participants end after some 250 KMS.

The format has been the same since its inception and today 1.000+ runners participate every year. The runners arrive in the desert 2 days before the race starts, with all the gear and are allocated a place in the tents. On the second day, they are subject to gear and medical checks, and they hand over their luggage.

Over the course of the race, they receive only water. They must carry their own food supply and sleeping gear over the full course and the water is limited and distributed at checkpoints, at the beginning of the day and at the end of every stage.

The first stages normally are between 32 and 38 kms. – with sand, rocks, and mountain passings, so not your normal run at home or office.

The fourth stage that you see in the picture we borrowed from the MdS organization, shows you the “long” stage as it’s normally around 85+km. The rules are that all runners must run and navigate the desert in the dark, hence the fastest runners have a delayed start where they sit in the desert until 3-4 hours after the big start without cover or supplies to make sure they too get the night experience. Time limit is normally around 36 hours, so if you are quick, you can get a full day of restitution before you run a full marathon on Friday. Saturday is a walk of normally half-marathon, but after Friday, you have made it.

Of course, today you can find this information on the internet, so you would in theory know what you are going into. The reality is you have no idea, and this is one of my points with writing this short note.

There is a huge similarity to starting a business. We are introduced to many new business ideas, and Michael Kott the founder of CM-Equity always says investing is about people.

Do the people understand what they want to accomplish, and would they like to make a business or WANT to make a business?

After the “long” run some years ago a runner could not fit his shoes and more (see picture) so he had a choice before running the final stage of 42+KM, ending or making his shoes bigger… he WANTED to finish.

Of course, in both stage-running and business, there must be a sound middle and not finishing by illegal means or by jeopardizing your health. So, whenever CM-E presents you, as professional investor for an early-stage investment you can be sure we believe in the people behind it,  WANTING to succeed.

If you would like to see more of the ongoing MdS please visit: www.marathondessables.com

Article by Jorgen L Thorsted

Member of  the Supervisory Board at CM-Equity AG





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