QBN and CM-Equity set up €100 million Quantum Technologies Fund

“Black Quant”

Pre-seed, seed, series A and later investments to be made in quantum technologies and quantum enabling technologies like photonics and electronics

Munich, 20 January 2022

CM-Equity and Quantum Business Network (QBN) announces today the creation of a new deep tech venture fund to invest in early-stage companies and scale-ups mainly within Europe. Black Quant Fund will use the €100 million for pre-seed to series A and later investments to accelerate technological advancements and the commercialization.

The European Commission and national governments first and foremost Germany and France ramp up their investments to catch up in the global race with the US and China. Black Quant Fund closes the gap in the European investment space to allow Europe’s brilliant researchers and entrepreneurs, renounce private capital from the US or Asia and empowers them to become global leaders.

Quantum computing, sensing and communication as well as quantum enabling technologies will impact pretty much every important sector from healthcare, digital, industry and transport to climate and security. To pave the way to our significant future Black Quant’s support goes far beyond funding and offers to deeptech entrepreneurs access to the best, tailor-made business acceleration.


“The commercialization of quantum technologies and its enabling technologies is crucial for Europe to tackle our global and societal challenges and strengthen our industrial competitiveness and sovereignty.” said Johannes Verst, CEO at QBN. “Therefore, I am super happy that QBN could initiate and now support Black Quant to bridge the critical gap in quantum technology innovations and empower people driving their quantum ventures from lab to leading, sustainable and profitable businesses. “

“Since inception CM-Equity created alpha for our investors through enabling access to new technologies and megatrends while investing in Start-ups and selecting Market-Leaders. The impact of quantum technologies on human life will be greater than anything we have experienced before, comparable to an industrial revolution through computers and the Internet on an even larger scale. Our partnership with QBN incubated the Black Quant Fund – a fund where European Quantum Tech Start-ups meet European Capital to create outstanding alpha for the benefit of all involved stakeholders.”

said Michael Kott, CEO at CM-Equity.

About Black Quant Fund

The Black Quant Fund is a deep tech investor with a focus on European early-stage companies and scaleups in the disruptive and emerging field of quantum technologies and its enabling technologies. Based in Munich, Germany, we will use the €100 million for pre-seed to series A and later investments to accelerate technological advancements and the commercialization. Black Quant Fund is initiated and supported by QBN and seeded by CM-Equity.


Visit: www.blackquant.de


About CM-Equity:

CM-Equity is a 19 year old, according to §15 WpIG regulated financial institution from Munich.

CM-Equity was early involved as a pioneer in the field of digital asset management. With a fully licensed, interfaced capital market infrastructure platform for digital assets for companies, FinTechs and investors, CM-Equity has advanced to become one of the most popular players in the market for digital assets in Germany and Europe. The company wants to make the new digital capital markets 4.0 accessible to everyone and offers innovative and regulatory-compliant access to the most liquid trading venues while at the same time offering the most secure storage.


Disclaimer  |  Press contact: info@cm-equity.de



About Quantum Business Network (QBN)

The Quantum Business Network (QBN), a member-driven innovation network founded in 2020 is building a strong quantum industry in Europe by promoting networking, business creation and the development of organizations working in the field of quantum technologies and its value chains. Gathering after one year around 40 members worldwide ranging from large companies through SMEs and startups to RTOs, universities and ministries, QBN provides its members with business acceleration and technological advancement through industry collaborations, tailored hands-on support and a trust-based environment for knowledge exchange and technology transfer. The QBN team puts its global network, deep market insights and experience in company and ecosystem building for the good of quantum technologies’ future.