About the Company

G2 Technologies Corp. (G2) is a Canadian based company that is focused on developing opportunities in the energy and emerging technology sectors.

A strategic partnership between G2 and Caltron Oil Pty Ltd. (Caltron) has been formed to acquire onshore oil fields in California. The partnership is targeting long life mature oil assets with associated infrastructure that demonstrate strong cash flow opportunities.

CompanyG2 Technologies Corp.
Head OfficeVancouver, British Columbia
IndustryOil & Gas

The Stock

Exchange: Frankfurt & Tradegate

Currency: Euro (€)

The Team

Slawek Smulewicz

President & CEO

John Costigan

Independent Director

Kai Hensler

Independent Director

David Whitby

Advisory Board Chairman

Jim Tague

Advisory Board Member

Erin Campbell

Advisory Board Member

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