Aguila American Gold Ltd.

About the Company

Aguila American Gold Ltd (“Aguila”) is a mature company embarking on a new journey.  The name is proudly inspired by the soaring American Eagle, that will guide the path for future growth.  Aguila is a Canadian public company focussed on the discovery of gold, silver and copper in politically secure jurisdictions. With the gold price achieving record highs, and a team with a strong record of discovery and development, Aguila is positioned to deliver value for all stakeholders. Concurrent with acquisition of the WUSA project, Aguila completed a CA$2.68m financing.  The Company presents a very tight capital structure and strong insider ownership position as we begin on the path of discovery and development.

CompanyAguila American Gold Ltd.
Head OfficeVancouver, Canada
SectorGold Mining
IndustryMetals and Mining


Stock Analysis

Exchange: Frankfurt & Tradegate

Currency: Euro (€)

Bid: 0.34


Ask: 0.364

The Team

Mark Saxon, CEO

Nick Demare, Director & CFO

Blair Way, Director

Dusan Berka, Director

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