Continuous capital growth for your portfolio with shares & co.

How do we invest?

The focus of our strategy is majorly on equity investments. In doing so, we hunt the global stock markets purposefully and continuously for exciting buying opportunities.

Our experts are experienced in selecting high-growth companies and know how to combine them profitably in your portfolio. We are critical when it comes to fund/ETF selection. Here we only invest in special themes that have above-average growth potential and successful management. Thanks to our affiliated corporate client business, we also gain early insight into the future markets of tomorrow. We invest carefully and for your investment success.

Who can invest with us?

With our individual mandates, we unite customers with different financial backgrounds and different investment strategies under one roof.

We manage assets of at least €100,000 for our clients, allowing us to optimally apply our expertise in equity investments to your advantage.

From an amount of at least €400,000, you can have your assets managed by our two management teams within the framework of the CME Select as well as the Crypto Asset strategy. In addition, you have the opportunity to participate in interesting private placements.

Markus Polz | Asset Manager


Invest directly in our exclusive companies & funds.

Innovative Start-Ups, Private and Public listed companies

[Professional Investors only]

CM-Equity’s national and international network provide us with strong deal flow of private and public listed companies. Before we show the investment candidates to our investors we qualify them through our internal people focused due diligence process which includes also the review and implementation of ESG best practice standards. Early stage private placement opportunities are risky which is the nature of the investment case but also offer extraordinary return opportunities and an early access to new industry trends.

Alternative Investment Funds (AIF)

[Professional and Semi-Professional Investors only]

Alternative Investment Funds (“AIF”) in form of a GmbH & Co KG (=GP & LP Structure) to invest tax-optimised into Emerging Markets and Megatrends: Don’t miss out the Investment Opportunities of

  • Digital Asset/Security Token Fund
  • African Education Fund
  • Indian Venture Capital Feeder Fund
  • Start-up/Angel Fund

many more possible and benefit from a zero-tax regime at fund level which is offered by the German KAGB (Kapitalanlagegesetzbuch) in form of a special AIF (closed fund)

Andreas Luksch | Corporates & Markets

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