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*The performance numbers represent the realized returns in the past. A past performance is not a reliable indicator for future returns

There has not been any other market in recent history that has displayed such a tremendous growth than cryptocurrencies. They add a lot of value to the existing global financial ecosystem and offer huge opportunities. On the other hand, this market has unique and substantial risks that one must be able to navigate.​

Above you can see the performance of CM-Equities digital asset management. Our total return strategy is always market neutral, which protects our clients from violent crashes and exchange failures. Returns originate from exploiting mispricing’s in the derivatives market.​

This resulted in high risk adjusted returns of over 40% before fees and very little drawdown of not even 5%. Long only investors on the other hand were not only facing extreme volatility but lost half of their portfolio during the last down move.

Johannes Frank, Digital Asset Manager at CM-Equity

Private Placements

Become a part of our exclusive Private Placements group

Private Placements are non-public sales of shares or other securities without a prospectus to a closed group of investors. The companies which are selling shares in a form of a private placement may listed or unlisted companies. In most cases, these companies offer the shares at attractive discounts to the market price to incentivize potential investors to participate in the private placement.

Private placements enable companies to raise fresh capital to finance their current and future projects. If these funds are used the right way, it can lead to strong growth and therefore to a significantly increase of the share price and  the company’s valuation.

Another advantage  of private placements is the issuance of additional free warrants (= subscription rights to purchase additional shares at a certain price within a fixed period) on top of the subscribed shares. This attractive package offers subscribers to private placements the opportunity to make additional profits. (continue reading)

 Asset Management

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The focus of our strategy is clearly on equity investments. We are constantly scouring the global equity markets for exciting buying opportunities. Our experts are experienced in selecting high-growth companies and know how to combine them profitably in your portfolio. We are critical when it comes to fund/ETF selection. Here we only invest in special themes with above-average growth potential and successful management. Thanks to our affiliated corporate client business, we also gain early insight into the future markets of tomorrow. We invest well-considered and for your investment success.

Liquidity Services

Nouveau Monde 

June 17, 2021: Nouveau Monde Announces Pricing of US$52,500,000 Public Offering of Common Shares Read

Corporate Presentation

Amex Exploration

June 15, 2021: AMEX Expands the core of the High Grade Zone near surface at Perron with intercepts of up Read

Corporate Presentation

Newrange Gold Corp.

June 14, 2021: Newrange Samples 2.994 g/t Gold in Porphyry Dike and Expands Footprint of Skarn Hosted Read

Corporate Presentation

Southern Empire 

June 10, 2021: Southern Empire appoints Ted Kavanagh to the Board of Directors Read

Corporate Presentation

Fokus Mining Corp.

June 09, 2021: Fokus Mining Options its 113 North Project to Mosaic Minerals Read

Corporate Presentation

Tetra Bio Pharma

June 02, 2021: Health Canada Accepts New Drug Submission for REDUVO(TM) as a Treatment for Patients Read

Corporate Presentation

Prosper Gold Corp.

May 25, 2021: Prosper Gold Commences 10,000 Metre Diamond Drill Program at the Golden Sidewalk Project Read

Corporate Presentation

Clean Air Metals Inc.

Mai 31, 2021: Clean Air Metals Files Audited Annual Financial Statements Read


Corporate Presentation

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License Umbrella

Companies and FinTech’s, who want to conduct banking business and provide financial services in Germany requires a license from the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) in accordance with Section 32 of the German Banking Act (KWG). 

The cost of acquiring and obtaining a license is high and involves an equally high administrative effort. However, those who provide financial services under a license umbrella do not need to have their own license. ​

Under the liability umbrella of CM-Equity AG, you may provide financial services in the form of investment brokerage, investment advice and placement business without your own KWG license. You work under our license and do not need your own license according to § 32 KWG. You work independently on your own account and offer your customers products tailored to their needs and a bank-independent service. ​

We offer you a legal framework with your own compliance and liability umbrella. You are thus optimally protected in all regulatory matters.​

Are you looking for a License Umbrella?

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Tokenization is the process in which existing assets are linked to the token – that is, the token is introduced as a document of ownership (electronic register on the blockchain)


This promotional communication is for advertising and information purposes only. It does not constitute a public offer. The information provided does not constitute an investment recommendation or an invitation to buy or sell securities and cannot replace professional investment advice. Any investment in financial instruments, and in particular shares, is associated with risks that may lead to a total loss of the capital invested. This promotional communication is not adapted to personal circumstances and needs. Any decision to subscribe, buy or sell a particular security should be made on the basis of adequate, unbiased information (e.g., investor information or prospectus9 and, if necessary, with the assistance of a professional investment advisor. CM-Equity does not provide such investment advice.

CM-Equity could not verify the assumptions underlying the information and forecasts provided, as these are not known. In particular, CM-Equity does not guarantee that the stated revenues, earnings or other projections will occur or that the stated objectives will be achieved. Insofar as the information contains forward-looking statements, in particular with regard to the price development of markets or securities, these are considered forecasts whose occurrence is not known. The performance numbers represent the realized returns in the past. A past performance is not a reliable indicator for future.

The Institute may receive a commission in connection with investment brokerage. Commissions and other benefits are disclosed to investors. CM-Equity may receive a consulting fee from companies. CM-Equity and its related persons or entities may hold shares of publicly traded companies or buy and sell positions on a day-to-day basis, creating a potential conflict of interest. CM-Equity has taken certain precautions to reduce such conflict. In this regard, a detailed operating procedure for such transactions has been issued. Nevertheless, a conflict between personal interests and the interests of the investors cannot be excluded.

CM-Equity does not assume any liability for the correctness and completeness of external links or statements of third parties. Liability claims against CM-Equity regarding material or immaterial losses caused by the use or non-use of any information provided, including any kind of information which is incomplete or incorrect, will therefore be rejected unless caused by intent or gross negligence on the part of CM-Equity. We reserve the right to make changes.

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