“LODE cooperates with the German investment company CM-Equity to promote growth in Europe”

Munich, October 9, 2020 – The LODE project, a digital blockchain-based money system for precious metals, today announced a partnership with the German investment firm CM-Equity AG to further spread LODE’s services in Europe. Today the two companies signed a tied agent agreement.

As a fully regulated investment company licensed by the German financial supervisory authority (BaFin), CM-Equity enables European LODE users to make transactions with LODE’s native assets – LODE tokens, AUX coins (digital gold) and AGX coins (digital silver) and securely send, spend and / or receive digital assets. Anywhere, anytime and to anyone worldwide – regardless of traditional depots – using the mobile and independent wallet technology from LODEPay.

Michael Kott on Terraoil digital financing

“LODE and his team inspired us to become a stakeholder and ambassador for this outstanding project with CM-Equity. LODE offers a secure and certified ecosystem – based on physical gold and silver… The LODE project will create equality between people in order to benefit from a new independent and fair payment system, which at the same time offers protection from the inflationary developments of the fiat system.

Michael Kott
CEO, CM-Equity

Our partnership with CM-Equity expands LODE’s services in Europe while ensuring that the project is compliant… Through our long-term partnership with CM-Equity, we look forward to advancing the development goals of LODE technology to support people who have to live without access to the banking system and are affected by high inflation. Together with CM-Equity, LODE will continue to be one Provide secure and easy access to gold and silver-backed digital currency in a fully compliant and sustainable ecosystem built by people for people. “

Ian Richard Toews
Gründer und Vorsitzender, LODE

More details about the partnership will be announced at a later date.

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About CM-Equity:

CM-Equity is a German investment company, regulated by the German financial market authority BaFin. In order to remain competitive and adapt to the changing economic landscape, CM-Equity has positioned itself as a pioneer in the field of digital asset management and has developed into a fully licensed digital asset platform for entrepreneurs, fintechs and investors in Europe.

For more information: https://www.cm-equity.de/en

About LODE:

The LODE project is a blockchain based digital money system that enables users to trade digital assets over the LODE (gold / silver) bar network. These are stable in price and fully secured by physical precious metals. The LODE project is active in over 62 countries and serves thousands of users worldwide. Its goal is to make silver and gold liquid and easily available in order to provide the unbanked (people without access to the banking system) and inflation-afflicted of the world with stable money. By using the capabilities of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), LODE wants to help silver and gold regain their historical reputation as stable money for everyone. The members of the LODE community are able to Securely send, spend and store digital gold (AUX) and digital silver (AGX), creating new affordable ways to preserve personal wealth. The LODE project is part of a global, digital, efficient and secure token ecosystem. It brings back private, secure and independent means of exchange using advanced technology to safely conduct trade and commerce around the world. For more information, see: secure and independent medium of exchange using advanced technology to securely conduct trade and commerce worldwide. For more information, see: secure and independent medium of exchange using advanced technology to securely conduct trade and commerce worldwide. 

For more information: www.Lode.one

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CM-Equity: pr@cm-equity.de
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