Silver dipped to its 2.5 years low, but this could also turn into an excellent opportunity. As Warren Buffet already said: “Price is what you pay; Value is what you get”. IMPACT Silver, is a solid silver mining company with three producing mines in Mexico. Like every other player in this sector, they are affected by current depressed precious metal prices. However the company is navigating hands-on through this tough environment because of their agile management – namely Frederick W. Davidson (CEO) and his team – which acted forward-looking in times of high silver prices: They haven´t accumulated any debt at all but accumulated cash reserves and therfore could survive in this disstressed environment. Furthermore, they changed their focus from exploitation to exploration to minimize cash burn during these times and just recently discovered highly promising drill results. IMPACT sells its products solely in USD and therefore is hardly affected by any currency fluctuations. Their management has combined 100+ years of mining experience, an equity stake in the company and thus they have no conflict of interest. With its control of the majority of two large mineral districts totalling 357 km2 in central Mexico IMPACT owns probably one of the biggest mineral properties of Mexico. Its mining activities from this place even go back +500 years when Aztecs mined gold on the property. In total there are 5000+ historical mine workings and 50+ historic mills catalogued to date. IMPACT now looks back to more than 12 years of its own history and looks forward to the next decade of success.